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2013 Tournament Play



Singles Tournaments Men & Women: There will be A and B divisions. A = 4.0 and above, B = below 4.0. (See below for NTRP Guidelines.) For those who are not sure of their rating and/or are interested in participating in both levels, please contact Johanne Gauthier. Matches are to be self-scheduled for 90 minutes within a 2-hour time frame (warm-up 15 minutes, play 90 minutes, 15 minutes to play a tiebreaker, if necessary.) Play 2 out of 3 sets, no- add scoring, 12-point tiebreaker at 6-6. If a third set is unfinished and total games won are tied at the end of 90 minutes, play a 5-point tiebreaker (alternate serving 2, 2, 2, 3) first to 5 points will determine the winner.

Finals to be played Sunday, September 15th

(rain date September 21st).

Doubles Tournaments Men & Women: To be played on the week- end of June 21st. Participants must be available to play Friday June 21st, 5-8 pm, Saturday June 22nd, noon to 6 pm and Sunday June 23rd, noon to 6 pm. Play 2 out of 3 sets, no-add scoring, 12-point tiebreaker at 6-6. If a third set is unfinished and total games won are tied at the end of 90 minutes, play a 5-point tiebreaker (alternate serving 2, 2, 2, 3) first to 5 points will determine the winner.

Limit to 2 matches per day.

Finals to be played Sunday September 15th (rain date September 21st).

Mixed Doubles Tournament: To be played on the weekend of July 20th. Participants must be available to play Friday, July 19th, 5-8 pm, Saturday, July 20th from noon to 6 pm and Sunday, July 21st, noon to 6 pm. Play 2 out of 3 sets, no-add scoring, 12-point tiebreaker at 6-6. If a third set is unfinished and total games won are tied at the end of 90 minutes, play a 5-point tiebreaker (alternate serving 2, 2, 2, 3) first to 5 points will determine the winner.

Limit to 2 matches per day.

Finals to be played Sunday July 21st (rain date, Sunday July 28th).

Sign up sheets will be posted at the Club one month before the tournaments commence. The cost for each player is $25.00 ($50.00 per team for doubles) which will include light breakfast, lunch, and prizes for winners. Entrants should submit their e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers when signing up. All entrants will be charged the full entry fee regardless of cancellations or injuries unless the entrant has cancelled at least five days before the start of the tournament.

All entrants are guaranteed two matches. Booking for singles tournaments can be made 7 days in advance. Bookings Plus will accommodate a 2-hour Prime Time slot that overrides the 1-hour rule with a special “Tournament Court” booking option. Please note that booking a tournament match in Prime Time counts toward the week’s maximum number of hours played in Prime Time. Tournaments are scheduled as follows:

Women’s and Men’s Singles Tournaments

Preliminary matches will be self-scheduled online.

Finals: Sunday September 15 (rain date September 21)

Women’s and Men’s Doubles Tournaments

Friday eve June 21 through Sunday June 23
(rain dates June 28-30 and September 21)

Finals: Sunday September 15

Mixed Doubles Tournament

Friday eve July 19 through Sunday July 21

Finals: Sunday July 21
(rain dates July 26-28)

Women’s Doubles Member-Guest Tournament
Men’s Doubles Member-Guest Tournament

To be Announced

General Characteristics of Various NTRP Playing Levels

1.5 You have limited experience and are working primarily on getting the ball in play.

2.0 You lack court experience and your strokes need developing. You are familiar with the basic positions for singles and doubles play.

2.5 You are learning to judge where the ball is going, although your court coverage is limited. You can sustain a short rally of slow pace with other players of the same ability.

3.0 You are fairly consistent when hitting medium-paced shots, but are not comfortable with all strokes and lack execution when trying for directional control, depth, or power. Your most common doubles formation is one-up, one-back.

3.5 You have achieved improved stroke dependability with directional control on moderate shots, but need to develop depth and variety. You exhibit more aggressive net play, have improved court coverage and are developing teamwork in doubles.

4.0 You have dependable strokes, including directional control and depth on both forehand and backhand sides on moderate-paced shots. You can use lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys with some success and occasionally force errors when serving. Rallies may be lost due to impatience. Teamwork in doubles is evident.

4.5 You have developed your use of power and spin and can handle pace. You have sound footwork, can control depth of shots, and attempt to vary game plan according to your opponents. You can hit first serves with power and accuracy and place the second serve. You tend to overhit on difficult shots. Aggressive net play is common in doubles.

5.0 You have good shot anticipation and frequently have an outstanding shot or attribute around which a game may be structured. You can regularly hit winners or force errors off of short balls and can put away volleys. You can successfully execute lobs, drop shots, half volleys, overhead smashes, and have good depth and spin on most second serves.

5.5 You have mastered power and/or consistency as a major weapon. You can vary strategies and styles of play in a competitive situation and hit dependable shots in a stress situation.

6.0 – 7.0 You have had intensive training for national tournament competition at the junior and collegiate levels and have obtained a sectional and/or national ranking.

7.0 You are a world-class player.


For questions regarding tennis activities, please contact Johanne Gauthier: johanne.gauthier@live.com or 617-710-9465 Weekly Doubles Join other Club members for a variety of women’s, men’s, mixed and inter-club doubles organized play throughout the season. The new “Event of the Week” will vary but include Invitationals and Juniors events. Check the bulletin board and club website for updates.

Cost includes tennis balls. CTC Tennis Pro Johanne Gauthier will be on court to organize play and mix-and-match partners.

In addition, group lessons are scheduled throughout the season. You can view the weekly tennis activity schedule on the Club’s web site at: www.cambridgetennisclub.com and on the bulletin board at the Club.

Please be sure to sign-up online one week ahead of ALL organized play so that courts can be reserved.

Evening Round Robins| Mix and Match Format

The adult Round Robins are scheduled in the middle of each month alternating between Wednesdays and Thursdays. Rain dates for each Round Robin will be the following week (see schedule next page). Tennis Pro Johanne Gauthier will mix and match players. The Round Robin events will be either sandwich/salad night or catered by the Entertainment Committee. Sign-up sheets will be posted two weeks prior to the event. The charge for the catered evening Round Robins is $25 ($30 with wine) and the sandwich/salad Round Robins are $20 ($25 with wine)—tennis balls are included. Members may invite guests who are also Cambridge residents. A minimum of 16 people must be signed up for these events (48 hours in advance) in order for the event to be held. The sign-up sheet will be taken down at that time. Members will be charged the full amount for cancellations made after this deadline.

2013 Round Robin Dates

Sunday Pick-Up Doubles

(Court One)

9:00 am – 10:30 am Open to all members

10:30 am – 1 pm Level 3.5 and higher

Holiday Cookouts & Doubles Play: 10 am – 4 pm

Tennis Lessons

For private or group lessons, contact one of the CTC pros directly:

Private, semi-private and group lessons will be offered to adult and junior members as well as non-members. All lessons are conducted in 55-minute sessions. Adult group lessons (3-6 people) are for 1-1/2 hours of instruction combined with a 1/2 -hour of play with no instruction. Group lessons are arranged by ability level and require signing-up ahead of time. Lesson rates vary with pros and are posted at the club.

If you need to cancel: Club members are required to give 24-hr cancellation notice prior to a scheduled lesson or they will be charged for the cost of the lesson.

Meet And Greet

(To Be Announced)

Members bring your prospective new members to introduce them to the club, Membership Committee and Board members. (Food and drink will be served.)

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