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2014 Tournament Schedule

Championship Women’s and Men’s Singles
Senior (60+) Women’s and Men’s Singles

Preliminary matches will be self-scheduled online.
2-hour limit except for semi-final and final.

Finals: Sunday September 14

(rain date September 21)

Championship Women’s, Men’s & Mixed Doubles
Preliminary matches will be self-scheduled online.
2-hour limit except for semi-final and final.

Finals: Sunday September 13

(rain date September 20)

Senior Mixed Doubles Tournament
(Minimum team combined age 125 years)

Preliminary matches will be self-scheduled online.
2-hour limit except for semi-final and final.

Finals: Sunday September 13 (rain date September 20)

General Tournament Information:

Expect to play your first match in July. If there are more than 16 entries for a draw, the “round of 32” will have to play their first match by July 12. Tournaments with draws of 16 or fewer entries, the first match (round of 16) will have to be played by July 31st.

Participants will play at least two matches as all Tournaments will have a consolation draw. Any player that loses the first match will have an opportunity to play on in the consolation draw until a second loss. All members, including junior family members are welcome to participate in the tournaments.

Sign up sheets are now posted at the Club. The cost for each player is $25.00 ($50.00 per team for doubles), which will include light breakfast, lunch and prizes for winners on the days of the Finals. Entrants should submit their e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers when signing up. All entrants will be charged the full entry fee regardless of cancellations or injuries unless the entrant has cancelled at least five days before the start of the tournament.

Booking for tournaments can be made 7 days in advance. Online booking will accommodate a 2-hour Prime Time slot with a special “Tournament Court” booking option. Please note that booking a tournament match in Prime Time counts toward the week’s maximum number of hours played in Prime Time.

Singles Tournaments Women & Men Championship and Senior Women & Senior Men:

Format: Matches are to be self-scheduled for 90 minutes within a 2-hour time frame (warm-up 15 minutes, play 90 minutes, play a tiebreaker, if necessary) Play 2 out of 3 sets, add scoring, a standard 7-point tiebreaker at 6-6 games each. If a third set is unfinished when time runs out, sum the total games won to determine the winner and if total games won are tied at the end of 90 minutes, play a 7-point tiebreaker (first to 7 points by two) to determine the winner. In the Semi-Finals and Finals, play out a full best-of-3 sets.

Singles Finals: Sunday September 14th (rain date Sept. 21st).

Doubles Tournaments Men, Women & Mixed Championship:

Format: same as stated for the Singles draw on page 6.

Doubles Finals: Saturday September 13th (rain date Sept. 20th).

Senior Mixed Doubles Tournament:
Combined age MUST be 125 years of age or more within 2014 (no individual age requirement). For every 5 additional years (i.e. combined age 130) the doubles team will be able to claim 1 point at any time, during each set played.

For example: Your team has a combined age of 130-134, this entitles you to 1 point per set (only 1 point per set, no carry-overs), the game score is “your advantage”, you choose to claim your free point before the next point starts and the game is then won. A combined age of 135-139 entitles your team to 2 points per set (no carry-overs). And so on...

Format: same as stated for the Singles draw on page 6.
Final: Saturday September 13th (rain date Sept. 20th).

2014 Organized Play

For questions regarding tennis activities, please contact Johanne Gauthier: johanne.gauthier@live.com or 617-710-9465

Weekly Doubles

Join other CTC members for a variety of women’s, men’s and mixed doubles organized play throughout the season. Sign up in advance; play is limited to the three back courts.

The Saturday Special Event will vary but include Invitationals and Junior events. Check the bulletin board and club website for updates.
Cost includes tennis balls. CTC tennis pro Johanne Gauthier will be on court to organize play and mix-and-match partners.

In addition, group lessons are scheduled throughout the season. You can view the weekly tennis activity schedule on the Club’s website at: www.cambridgetennisclub.com and on the club bulletin board.

Please be sure to sign-up online one week ahead of ALL organized play so that courts can be reserved.

Evening Round Robins| Mix and Match Format

The adult Round Robins are scheduled in the middle of each month on a Wednesday or a Thursday. Rain dates will be the following week (see schedule next page).

Tennis pro Johanne Gauthier will mix and match players. The Round Robin events will be either sandwich/ salad night or a catered meal by the Entertainment Committee.

The charge for the catered Round Robins is $25 ($30 with wine) and $20 ($25 with wine) for sandwich/salad evenings. Tennis balls are included. Sign-up sheets will be posted two weeks prior to the event.

Members may invite guests who are also Cambridge residents.

A minimum of 16 people must be signed up for these events (48 hours in advance) in order for the event to be held. The sign-up sheet will be taken down at that time. Members will be charged the full amount for cancellations made after this deadline.

2014 Round Robin Dates Wednesday, May 14 (catered) (rain date, Wed. May 21)

Thursday, June 12 (sandwich/salad) (rain date, Thur. June 19)

Wednesday, July 16 (sandwich/salad) (rain date, Wed. July 23)

Thursday, August 14 (sandwich/salad) (rain date, Thur. August 21)

Wednesday, September 10 (catered) (rain date, Wed. September 17)

Sunday Pick-Up Doubles (Court One)

9:00 am – 10:30 am Open to all members
10:30 am – 1 pm Level 3.5 and higher

Holiday Cookouts & Doubles Play: 10 am – 4 pm Memorial Day, Monday May 26
Fourth of July, Friday July 4
Labor Day, Monday September 1
Columbus Day, Monday October 13

Meet And Greet

(To Be Announced) Members bring your prospective new members to introduce them to the club, Membership Committee and Board members.

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