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All matches will be played as 10 game pro sets with no ad scoring: the finals will be played as the best of three sets with a 12 point tie breaker to be played at 6-6.
There must be a minimum and cap of 8 teams for doubles matches, and 12 to 16 entrants for singles matches in order for each tournament to take place. Sign up sheets will be posted at the club one month before the scheduled tournament date. In the event that a tournament is not fully subscribed 7 days prior to the scheduled date, summer members will be allowed to enter the tournament. The cost for each entry is $20.00 which will include a lunch. Entrants should submit their e-mail address when signing up. Rain dates will be scheduled as necessary over the following week or weekend (if possible). All entrants will be charged the full entry fee regardless of any change in scheduling unless the entrant has canceled out 10 days befoe the tournament date.


Tournaments are scheduled as follows:

Saturday, June 2
Member-Guest Tournament

Sunday, June 3
Parent-Child Tournament
(Non-Traditional Format)

Saturday and Sunday, June 9 and 10
Seniors Mixed Doubles (55 yr. and over)

(Note: We had some changes in dates for the Fall tournaments but we have reverted to the old schedule, the same schedule that has been posted in the club book. The information below is current as of 9-5-07.)

Saturday and Sunday Sept 8 and 9: Mixed Doubles Championship

Saturday and Sunday Sept 15 and 16: Men's Doubles and Women's Singles Championships

Saturday and Sunday Sept 22 and 23: Women's Doubles and Men's Singles Championships

Saturday and Sunday Sept 29 and 30: Rain Date for (in order of priority): Mixed Doubles, Men's Doubles, Women's Singles, Women's Doubles, Men's Singles,

Saturday and Sunday October 6 and 7: Rain Dates

Saturday and Sunday October 13 and 14: Rain Date if necessary



Joseph Cortes,Coordinators



Mix and Match Format

The adult Round Robins will be scheduled on alternating Wednesdays and Thursdays twice a month. The officiating staff member will mix and match players. Every third event will be a pizza night, with the other evenings to be catered by the Entertainment Committee. Sign-up sheets will be posted two weeks prior to the event. The charge for the evening Round Robins is $20 for the catered events and $15 for the pizza nights.

There must be a minimum of 16 people signed up for these events (48 hours in advance) in order for the event to be held. The sign-up sheet will be taken down at that time. Members will be charged the full amount for cancellations made after this deadline. In the event of rain, the social event will continue with dinner served in the clubhouse.

Dates are as follows:
  • Wednesday, May 23 (catered)
  • Thursday, June 7 (catered)
  • Wednesday, June 20 (pizza)
  • Thursday, July 5 (catered)
  • Wednesday, July 18 (catered)
  • Thursday, Aug. 2 (pizza)
  • Wednesday, Aug. 15 (catered)
  • Thursday, Aug. 30 (catered)
  • Wednesday, Sept.12 (pizza)




10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

MEMORIAL DAY: Monday, May 28:

FOURTH OF JULY: Wednesday, July 4

LABOR DAY: Monday, September 3

COLUMBUS DAY: Monday, October 8



Annual Halloween Costume Party

Saturday, October 27 (7 p.m. - 11 p.m.)


Sunday pick-up doubles (Court One):
8:30-10:00 a.m.: open to all
10 a.m.-1 p.m.: 3.5 and higher

Note: ( 3.5 players and higher)




Tennis lessons may be arranged with the pro, Rick Rose or the assistant professionals, Stephen Counihan, Kathleen Black Reynolds and Johanne Gauthier. Rick is available full time whereas the assistant pros' availability can be viewed on-line or within the office. Club members are required to give 24-hr. cancellation notice prior to a scheduled lesson or they will be charged for the cost of the lesson.

Adult Clinics (Open to members and non-members)
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10-11:30 a.m.. The cost for the clinic is $20.00

Childrens Clinics (Open to members and non-members)
The cost for the clinic is $15.00.



Are available on the website, but not in the club book.


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