Judy Cranna, Co-Chair

Maeve Ercolani, Co-Chair 

Cambridge Tennis Club Cambridge Tennis Club


Coordinators: Judy Cranna, Rick Rose

Sign-up sheets for the 2003 Men and Women’s Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Seniors Mixed Doubles tournaments will remain open until May 30. Draws will be made by 6 pm on May 31.

There must be a minimum of 8 teams for doubles matches, and 12 entrants for singles matches in order for each tournament to take place. The cost for each entry is $15.

First round matches are to be completed by June 30.

Second round matches (quarter finals) are to be completed by July 30.

Third round matches (semi-finals) are to be completed by August 30.

Each tournament player is expected to complete his or her matches according to the tournament schedule listed above. Players will be defaulted if they are unable to play within the specified time frame. Players are to arrange all matches, except the finals, themselves, in accordance with the Court Reservation rules. If tournament play takes place during Prime Time hours, it must be considered part of one's Prime Time quota.

All matches will be the best of 3 sets with the 12 point tie break to be played at 6-6.

Finals are scheduled for the following dates: