Incorporated May 19, 1954

40 Willard Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

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“Reservation Requests”

Reservations may be booked and must be canceled by phone
8:00 am to 10:00 am and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm daily




Cora Beth Abel


Sam Fleming


Bob Bradford


Judi Cranna


Term expires 2014

Joe Green
Jack Hall
Rustam Booz

Term expires 2015

Kate Canfield
Term Expires 2016

Csaba Pazmany
Phyllis Sonnenschien


Sheila Laperle
cell 617 784-0365


Rick Rose
cell 617 642-3448

Stephen Counihan,
cell 781 929-7455

Johanne Gauthier
cell 617 710-9465


Joe DeBassio

Whitney “Whit” Noble (Manager)
Audit Committee

Donald Forté, Jr, Chair

Mary Tittmann
Neil Olken
Ann Wyman

Membership Committee

Donna Gordon, Co-Chair
Lucinda O’Neill, Co-Chair

Term Expires 2014
Mary Tittmann

Buildings And Grounds

Bob Bradford, Co-Chair
John Greenup, Co-Chair

Nominating Committee

Phil Crutchfield, Co-Chair
Elizabeth Marran, Co-Chair

Term Expires 2014
Kate Canfield Jim Baldwin
Phil Crutchfield
Liz Marran

Term Expires 2015
Jim Baldwin
Marty Miller

Term Expires 2016
E.V. Sweeney
Mary Tittmann

Tennis Committee

Csaba Pazmany, Chair

Sharon Black
Robert Bench
Leslie Homans
Martin Miller
Toby Nagurney
William Winkler
Muriel Weckstein

Entertainment Committee

Carol Fishman, Co-Chair
Travis Woolcott, Co-Chair

Shi Sheng Chow
Tunie Hamlen
Jacek von Henneberg
Judith King
Polly Malcolm
Virginia Popper
Eleanor Price
Woody Tucker
Murray Wheeler
Liz Goodfellow Zagoroff

Community Outreach Murray Wheeler, Chair
Stephen Counihan, Instructor
Johanne Gauthier, Instructor
Rick Rose, Instructor
Clark Abt
Madeline Jacquet
Phyllis Sonnenschein
Lilla Waltch
Martha Taub

Welcome to Our New Members 2013

Tom Ames
Richard Lazarus and Jeannette Austin
Christopher Kimball and Melissa Baldino
Ruth and Richard Brower
Charles and Kimberly Burke
Lael and Charles Chester
Modestino Conte
Michael Davis and Irene Graham
Steedman Bass
Kim and Eric McLaughlin
Margaret and Michael Rorick
John Clark
Amy Fingland
Jonathan Harris
Leslie Homans
Julianne Idlet
Debra Pruitt
Sarah Putnam
Jennifer Radden
Monica Ramirez
Marcia Scott
Naomi Stephen
Alan Stone
Carol Streit
Jennifer Sunkle
William Mills Todd
Karl Bandtel and Farley Urmston
Lynn and Barbara Wickwire
Csaba Pazmany and Jessica Young

Welcome to Our New Wait List Members 2013
John Goldberg and Julie Faber
Tom Byrne and Susan Hockfield
David Brewster and Oleanna Klein
Robert Zevin and Rhonda Smith
Hans Agrawal and Wendy Caroline West
Kathleen Ahern
Andy Baer
Robert Bench
Will and Tref Borden
Tim Crane
Jaime d’Almeida
Karla Franco
Lindsay Frazier
Kenneth Froot
Shana Roberts Jeffrey
Juliette Kayyem
Jim Neville
Robbie Piliero
Duncan and Valerie Reece
Javier Segovia
James and Liza Tague
Stanley Twarog
Peter Urban
David Vasconcelos
Alex and Victoria Whitney
Hansjoerg Wyss

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