Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join the Cambridge Tennis Club?
See our Membership page.

How do I propose someone for membership?
Download a copy of the Membership Proposal Form, which contains instructions. Complete the Proposal Form and send it to the Membership Committee, along with three accompanying letters of support: one from the “proposer” plus two additional Club members who know the candidate.

How much are the club dues?
For other membership questions, contact the Membership Committee.

How do I rent the ball machine?
Call the clubhouse. (The ball machine can be used only on the front 2 courts.)

Can I get my racket strung?
The stringing machine is off-campus and the stringers are too. If you aren't in a hurry, you can leave your racket at the Clubhouse desk, and it will be sent out to be strung by our off-campus stringing technicians.

Are clinics available?
The CTC offers group lessons for adults and children during non-PrimeTime. Group lessons require that at least three participants sign up. Call one of the CTC Pros or call the clubhouse.

How do I sign up for a lesson?
Call the pro of your choice (see the Lessons page) or call the clubhouse.

How do ratings work? What are the different levels?

Do we have the rules of tennis somewhere to help settle arguments?
They are no longer free online but a current year's book of Official USTA Rules may be purchased here. "Rules of Tennis" is the official rules of tennis as determined by the International Tennis Federation, of which the United States Tennis Association is a member. This booklet includes USTA Comments, which clarify certain rules and provide examples, and The Code, which contains the "unwritten" rules under which tennis is played.

Who can I speak to about my bill?
Contact management at


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