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Saturday, March 25

A source reports:

Soon the buildings and grounds committee led by Sarah Jolliffe and Sally Ames will have their annual "walk about" with the Skating Club and Tennis Club presidents T.K. McClintock and Susan Miller-Havens. They will review with our manager Billy such things as trees that need to be trimmed, building repairs, garden supplies, bathroom renovation, the new drinking water system, the kitchen exhaust fan, and whatever else they stumble upon at 7:30 a.m.

Also, the fans seemed to have loved the pictures of the clay delivery. (We'll re-run those first pictures on Sunday.) Now we have pictures of the new fence. Have a virtual look:

New fence ready to go.

The new fence is taller than the old, and capped.

Skating Club President T.K.McClintock checks it out with contractor George Spartichino.

Court conditions: Less mud

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