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Monday, March 27

A source reports:

We were sitting around the newsroom the other night after putting an issue to bed, Thursday's , I think. Editors, news-hawks and news-hens, copy kids, photographers, a couple of stringers trying to peddle stories about Longwood, for crying out loud. Hats tipped back on our heads, chilling. The discussion turned to the topic of computers, how powerful they are and how much the internet is changing our lives.

-Like unto gods, one of the guys quipped. We are changing the world.

-The question is, an otherwise cocky newshound, now turned pensive, said, whether that is what we are meant to do, or is it all hubris.

We batted the question around for a while and then went home to bed, get some sleep so's we could function on our day jobs.

I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream and I knew the answer. I didn't know who to tell. So I rushed to my computer and wrote to you, CTC web-site readers:

It's all hubris.


Well, not exactly what we were looking for when we asked for you gentle readers to send us your hopes and dreams, but we appreciate the input.

The Concerns and Complaints Desk has now been staffed. Please bomb a-way.

Court conditions: the crew will be scraping mud off the courts today, blissfully.

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