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Tuesday, March 28

We made some serious progress today, oh CTC Web-site fans: a high-speed MediaOne internet access line was put in today and hooked up. (That's techie talk, put in and hooked up.) Billy did some heroic work with the MediaOne folks to make it all possible. The club will soon house two computers, one out in the clubhouse for use by members, and one in the office for use by the staff. We hope to post a clubhouse e-mail address soon.

Also, you remember how we reported that the new fence was taller than the old? Well, today George Spartichino (pictured above right) lopped off six inches and the height of the fence is now close to that of the old. We can look over the fence again. If we're tall.

Here's a link to Sunday's pictures, in case you missed them.

Court conditions: The mud is mostly wafted a-way.

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