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Wednesday, March 29

As you can imagine, gentle readers, the response to the news page has been huge. The mojo lines have been burning up.

One source writes:

Enough already of the deathless prose; we want pictures.

Well, Mr. Source, we'll try to comply. And with nice, fresh pictures, too.

Another source inveighs:

Am I given to understand that sending complaints or criticisms to you is discouraged? Such a discouragement belittles my very being. I have a voluminous sack of complaints. Some corkers in there. Will you please let me know where to send them?

Mr. Source? We CRAVE your complaints. Bring 'em on.

Yet another source notes:

What's up with youse and alla these pictures of mud and fence posts? There's more to tennis than that.

All right, pal, scroll down the page.

The net posts are in.

The screen poles are in.

Billy using the club's Kawasaki to dump a load of you-guessed-it mud.

Court conditions: drowned

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