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Thursday, March 30

Here's today's page, if it please the court:

We all know the expression `brainstorming?' In a brainstorming session, participants get together and shed their critical and judgmental faculties and let their creativity flow. Participants throw out a storm of ideas, however foolish or impractical the ideas might initially seem. Good participants throw and throw.

That's what we ask of you, oh discerning readers: eschew that 02138 discernment, that prudence and practicality. Send us a storm of ideas for the website.

Also, if you have baby pictures of your husband, or pictures from your prom, or pictures of a frolic at the beach, and you'd like to see them on the Net, send them along. We need pictures.

Throw and throw. Send and send.

For today, we send you Phil Soccorso giving the deer head a spring cleaning.

Court conditions: wet, but not flooded.

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Send story suggestions to Joe DeBassio, Webmaster

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