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Friday, March 31

Spring Cleaning

Many of you may not know that in preparation for our season there is a lot of spring cleaning to be done within the club house. The shower rooms act as closets for bulletin boards, coolers, and everything that cannot go into the damp basement. All of this has to be sorted out, repaired, or disposed of.

This year the tennis committee asked for a better location for a bulletin board for tournaments and draws. In a catalogue Billy and I found one that fits above and in front of the fireplace, where it seemed to me we might have a better view, rather than on the way to the ladies room.

Looking around I noticed that cobwebs were hanging from the deer and carabou heads. I learned from a contractor that cleaning these trophies is similar to taking care of hair. Phil, who is also a hairdresser, was kind enough to do the dirty work! For the fur a hairdryer on cool, a bristle brush, and a mask for Phil did the job. We were advised that mild soap and water was the best for the antlers and found in addition that it also removed all the fog from the glass eyes.

Phil Soccorso brightening up our ancient trophy

A stop at Pearl Art had revealed a spring selection of faux red and white rose garlands and one monarch butterfly. We think you will agree that these adornments and the cleaning have helped to bring some life to these once beautiful creatures.

Susan Miller-Havens, President

Court conditions: greener, better

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