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Tuesday, April 4

Our clay tennis courts love hot and dry weather, or at least dry. The rainy, cool weather we're having lately is slowing down the rebuilding of the courts. The target date for opening the courts is the weekend of April 15 and 16. We're still striving, but if the weather doesn't break, we won't make it. Sad to say.

Today is the annual walkaround of the property by the Presidents of the Skating Club and the Tennis Club to discuss improvements to the property.

CTC President Susan Miller-Havens, Buildings and Grounds Past Chair Karl Klaussen and current Co-Chair Sally Ames, CSC President T.K. McClintock

Manager Billy Crusco

We'd like to offer a series of links to previous pages, for those of you who have recently tuned in.

The arrival of the clay

The Fence, featuring TK and George Spartichino

Adam Ulam Eulogy

Court conditions: Wet, not much progress. Alas.

Court 5 under water

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Joe DeBassio, Webmaster.

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