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Monday, April 10

New clay needs water? Not this much.

The courts need to breathe? Well, they're half drowned. They're gasping.

The good news is that, basically, they took all that water: they're not flooded. (The courts can usually handle a lot of water. If it rains steadily, even heavily, over a period of time, they drain pretty well. What the system has a problem with is a torrential downpour. Sometimes, if we get colossal rain in a short time, the whole system can be overwhelmed and backed up, then water comes in over the sidewalks and pours down the banks and floods the courts. We didn't have the flooding. The pump didn't short out, or fail. We're doing okay.)

Court 5 on Sunday.

A familiar sight.

The bad news is that we are set back by the rain: we probably won't be able to open on the weekend of April 15.

Court conditions: Puddled, not flooded. Still breathing.

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Joe DeBassio, Webmaster.

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