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Thursday, April 13

From the President's Desk:

On last Tuesday April 4 at 7:30 a.m. we had what now has become our annual "walkabout" with members of the Skating Club Board. T.K. McClintock, who is both a member of CTC and president of CSC, led the group. Karl Klaussen, former head of CTC Buildings and Grounds attended with Sally Ames. Sally is a member of CSC , a new CTC board member and co-chair with Sarah Joliffe of CTC buildings and grounds. Both Billy and Joe were there, Billy with his clip board full of things to be done and Joe with the history of what has been done in the past. Bob Doyle was there to record the present.

Some repairs and improvements are in direct relation to what each club needs to benefit its season, others have to do with the actual property, and the balance overlaps both purposes.

We looked at trees, for instance: long term plans for care and addition. We also discussed the back board repair, deck redesign, retaining wall's giving way next to the back board, the new fence, the light left from winter, the window sills, the bathroom renovations, the lack of air in the club house, the possibility of open windows, screens, fans, the exhaust fan in the kitchen, cleaning out kitchen drawers, the lighting of the deer and caribou, the new bulletin board, and the new water cooler system.

Yesterday, Sally, Karl, and Sarah met again to develop a landscaping plan to present to the CSC.

Susan Miller-Havens, President

Court rebuilding update:

The courts were too wet to be worked on. The crew put up the middle curtains. Billy made a new shelf for the window.

Billy installs the new mahogany shelf.

Tom drives a stake for the screen.

A club member advises Phil on mounting the screens.

Court conditions: New, wet, tender. We can't open this weekend, but soon after.

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Joe DeBassio, Webmaster.

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