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Friday, April 14

We won't open this weekend. Longwood will. Braeburn (the club that stole Steve Counihan away) will. The crew is filled with chagrin.

We're coming along, though. The crew is almost finished hanging the curtains, tying them together and spiking them down. The poles are guy-wired to trees and telephone poles.

The clay has been spread, and layered, and feathered, and brushed, and rolled, and believe-it-or-not watered. The new clay isn't new clay anymore: it's part of the courts. The courts are courts again. They are beautiful.

Patches of new clay along the base-lines still have to be rolled and given time to set. There are still curtains to be hung.

But next week, lines will go down. Nets will go up. We'll open, we hope, in the middle of the week, depending on the weather.

Chagrinned, but undaunted.

Chagrinned, but resolute.

Court conditions: Green, lush. We hope to open in the middle of next week.

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Joe DeBassio, Webmaster.

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