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Saturday, April 15

Yesterday, an e-mail went out to club members, with information about the new CTC website. We hope that you will roam around in the site and send us your comments and queries.

From the mailbag:

Dear Fellows and Gals at the CTC Website:

I understand that you are being peppered with objurgatory missives from some misguided rotters who fail to realize what a service you are providing to those of us who don't know a blithering thing about power rollers. I, personally, appreciate your splendid efforts to inform and entertain. Please keep soldiering on in the plucky fashion that is now the talk of 02138.

-A Righteous Reader

Dear Righteous:

Thank you for your support. We aren't exactly `peppered.' We appreciate any and all input.

Yesterday at the club:

Sally Ames and Karl Klaussen came by. They spent hours spreading lime and pulling weeds in the area behind the back curtains.


Court conditions: The clay is setting up. We still need lines and nets and tidiness.

Click for Boston Weather

Joe DeBassio, Webmaster.

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