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Sunday, April 16

David DeBassio used to talk about the courts as if they were alive: the courts needed a drink, or needed a rest, or needed to breathe. The courts used to speak to him and he understood their language. He loved the courts. He was outraged, outraged I say, when a passing bird befouled his beautiful courts. He'd stand there shaking his fist.

He used to quote a famous general, or maybe it was a movie general, reviewing the troops on parade: Well, they look good, but can they fight?

And David would say something similiar about the courts: Well, they are beautiful, but can they take a beating? can they hold up?

We'll open the courts for play around the middle of the week, weather permitting, and we'll see.

Cuz they sure do look beautiful right now.

Court conditions: Firm, green, good. We still lack lines and nets and tidiness. We lack pictures today, too.

A note from our web designer.

Now that the crew has rebuilt our wonderful courts, the web site faces its greatest challenge, displaying court reservations every day - without any added burden on our club staff.

It won't be as exhausting as shaping sixteen tons of clay into a level playing field, but it will not be easy. If you want to help us, take a look at the RESERVATIONS link to the left.

The asterisk indicates an empty court.
Clicking on it (in the real "timeLines" window) let's you send in a request for that court time.

Click for Boston Weather

Joe DeBassio, Webmaster.

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