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Monday, April 17

Well, the Board of Governors and the members of various committees are e-mailing and telephoning and meeting, discovering and resolving issues, setting priorties and dates, but there is very little hard news trickling into Today's News at the CTC Website. We lost the disk with the pictures. The court re-construction crew is waiting on the weather, waiting to see if they can put lines down today, or if the courts are flooded, or puddled, or just too wet. Today is a slow news day.

We want to report on a day at the news office. One of the editors has suggested that that kind of report is too self-referential, but we are going to plow on, even though, in our heart of hearts, we know that she is right.

The news room here at Today's News is very high tech, you know. There are no clacking typewriters and calls for copy-boys or ear-splitting tirades by editors. It's quiet here. A legion of computers hums and glows. Sometimes an error message beeps or burps.

A gaggle of newsies was hanging out on Saturday afternoon, after having put another issue to bed, and the topic of conversation turned to the editing of Today's News. A few conversational skips and twists later and we were talking about Truth and Criticism and Lit Crit. One older duffer still ruefully held on to a belief in the New Criticism.

-There have been about five major theories of lit crit since then, he was told.

-Major, if you count such a questionable theory as Deconstruction.

And so it went: a spirited defense of Deconstruction; Derrida; the Text as truth; the Text in Context; self-defining truth. You know the song.

The song wound down. The computers still hummed. We became very aware of the humming. The new paradigm, the new 'ineluctable modality' is the humming computer, the glowing monitor.

The Cambridge Tennis Club has a web site. You're reading this report on your computer screen.

A word from Susan Miller-Havens:

The New Members Party is Sunday April 30th. It is for new members, their sponsors, the board and general membership. It is not to introduce prospective members! Anyone who wants to introduce prospective members please contact Susan Mead, membership committee.



Late afternoon picture - just in at 3PM.

The lines are going in...

Court conditions: We'll see how the new courts take the rain. We still hope to open mid-week.

Click for Boston Weather

Joe DeBassio, Webmaster.

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