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Wednesday, April 26

Woe, oh woe, the courts are still too wet to be worked on. The crew couldn't put lines in on the front courts. We have a clue, though, to what the problem is: Longfellow Park is still flooded. We're getting water from Longfellow. Our backboard area is flooded, something we don't usually see. We brushed that water away and new water immediately seeped in. We are pumping out Longfellow Park, public-spirited folks that we are.

The crew had to roll the courts...

re-fasten and re-tie...

and re-spike the curtains.

Didn't we do this before?

A note from our web designer.

Now that the crew has rebuilt our wonderful courts, the web site faces its greatest challenge, our PILOT STUDY to display court reservations every day - without any added burden on our club staff.

It won't be as exhausting as shaping sixteen tons of clay into a level playing field, but it will not be easy. If you want to help us, take a look at the RESERVATION REQUESTS link to the left.

The asterisk indicates an empty court.
Clicking on it (in the real "timeLines" window) let's you send in a request for that court time.

N.B. Please report any difficulties you are having to Bob Doyle. Don't assume that it's your problem. It's our problem if the web site does not work for you.

All members are welcome to come to my lab at 77 Huron Avenue (a big red three-decker - three houses in from the fire station at Garden Street) Thursday evenings (tomorrow night - save the date) at 7:30. We'll have a hands-on tutorial using the web site, and talk about getting on the web in general.

Court conditions: Like pudding.

Click for Boston Weather

Joe DeBassio, Webmaster.

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