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Tuesday, May 2

Huge News Flash:

We may OPEN today, if it doesn't rain. (Please don't mention that word, 'rain,' around the crew: they have become paranoid and touchy.)

The crew put in lines in the front courts yesterday, against its better judgment. The clay was still soft. Some of the nails were pushed in by thumb instead of pounded in by hammer.

Phil, Billy, and Pat (the Iron Man), nailing in the tapes.

We have added a new link on the left called "More News." Check it out for the President's Page and other staff pages. It also has a link to New Member pictures.

New Members whose photos aren't there should ask to have them taken when they are at the club, or send us your favorite snapshot - preferably a full-face passport type photo, and we will scan it. Everyone wants to recognize you.

For those who missed the big story on the New Members party Sunday, here's a link. And don't forget to click on the tiny honeycomb "hive" icon below to get a dated list of all our past issues.

Court conditions:

On the verge. We can almost taste opening.

Click for Boston Weather

On a sad note:

A memorial service will be held for Peter Tannenwald on Wed., May 10 at 2:30 at the MIT Chapel with a reception at the MIT Faculty Club afterwards.

Joe DeBassio, Webmaster.

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