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Sunday, May 7

Tennis was breaking out all over at the club yesterday. We had the whole deal: double faults, winners, egregious mistakes, dare-we-say-it bad line calls, temper tantrums, cries of anguish and despair. (One club member has talked about making an audio tape of the sounds of tennis players at play, sounds of hopelessness and triumph, sounds of dismay and delight, you know, gasps and squawks and yucks. We like the idea.)

The heavy hitters are starting to show up.

Here's Bud.

Jim Baldwin stretches out.

Note on Round Robins:

  The first Round Robin is coming. It is a pizza round robin and it takes place on Thursday, May 11. Tennis starts at 6:00.

A Reminder:

  The memorial service for Peter Tannenwald will be held at the MIT Chapel at 2:30 on Wednesday, May 10, with a reception afterward at the MIT Faculty Club.

A Note:

Have you experimented with requesting reservations on line? It's not really so daunting. Give it a go.

Court conditions:  Exemplary.


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