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Tuesday, May 9

A Bulletin

Our webmaster says many people have asked how the "I Love You" virus might affect their computers and the club web site. The chances are very small. The machines affected are only those running Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook as a mail client. If you use Netscape (Mail) Messenger, AOL, or Eudora, for example, you will have no problem with the "I Love You" virus.

If you do get an "I Love You" email, no harm can be done until you open the email attachment. Very foolishly, most big companies leave their Outlook mail set to automatically open attachments, despite the Melissa virus a year ago which used the same path to invade users' email-address book and send itself to everyone in the book.

Apparently 80% of U.S. businesses were affected; the loss was over $1 billion.

While on the subject of email, you should know that your email address is far safer in the club web site than it is when you are on the web in general. Many commercial web sites use tricks to get your email address. Even those who ask you openly for it are very likely to sell it to others for mailing list use.

If you get a "spam" email that has a notice saying they will remove your email from their mailing list, DO NOT REPLY (unless you recognize a legitimate organization). They probably generated your address at random, and when you reply asking them to remove you, they just sell your "guaranteed working" email address.

Bob Doyle

Court conditions:   Delightful.

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Joe DeBassio, Webmaster.

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