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Thursday, June 8

Water: We have lots. The courts are flooded and very closed. We rented a mega-pump that pumps water at a rate of 300 gallons a minute. We bought a new pump that Billy is setting up with a mile of hose over by court 2. We're pumping a-way. Sections of the curtains have come up and are flapping in the wind. When the flood recedes, we'll get out there and re-spike and re-tie the curtains and clean debris from the courts. It will take a while. We hope to open some courts tomorrow.

Today's water. Note that some court has surfaced.

Billy ingeniously jury-rigs a fourth pump.

Rick Guerino clears the storm drain. (Rick does this little task sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes with water swirling around his ankles.)

Tournaments: The club's singles tournaments, men's and women's, are scheduled for June. The women's semi-finals will take place on June 10 and finals on June 11. The men's semi-finals will take place on June 17 and finals on June 18. Preliminary matches for the men should be played by June 16.

The men's draw will be posted later today.

Women's Draw:

Mixed Doubles Tournament: The sign-up sheet for the Mixed Doubles Tournament is posted on the porch bulletin board. The semi-finals are scheduled for June 24 and finals for June 25.

Summer Membership: Summer membership begins on June 26.

Court conditions: The floods subside, but we are still closed.

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Joe DeBassio, Webmaster.

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