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Tuesday, June 27

Fourth of July Party: The club's fabled party/round robin/barbecue previously scheduled for July 3 has been patriotically re-scheduled for July 4, a Tuesday. Please note on the club bulletin board what food you might bring, and please do come. We follow a round robin format; the food is a feast; and the tennis play sparkles.


Mixed Doubles: The finals of the mixed doubles tournament were held last Sunday. Molly Downer and Alex Moot played against Michelle Schaffer and David Hemenway.

David and Michelle Alex and Molly

Molly and Alex won and are the new champions of the club. Congratulations to Molly and Alex who prevailed in a tough field.

If you'd like to see how Molly and Alex made their way to the finals, Here's a link to the draw.

Women's Singles: Molly Downer will play against Sarah Carter in the finals. July 1, at 10:00. If you'd like to see how Molly and Sarah made their way to the finals, here's a link to the Women's Singles draw.

Men's Singles: Alexi Joannidis won the Men's Singles title. Here's a link to the Men's Singles draw.

Note on links: A club member who wishes to remain anonymous put in a lot of work to put the draw in Java, a computer scripting language. There are literally hundreds of lines of code behind what you see as the draw. Thank you, Anonymous.

Round Robin: This week's round robin is scheduled for Wednesday, June 28. There is still space on the sign-up sheet. Tennis starts at 6:00.

Round Robin Note: "There will be a new format for all round robins, to enable everyone to play with different people. It will no longer be a "competition." Players will play 8 games with one partner and then mix it up and play 8 games with someone else, etc. Staff will supervise this. For those who want to choose their own partners, they can do this after supper. This new format will give members a chance to meet new potential partners, and will give summer members an opportunity to get to know a lot of new people on the courts and off."

      -The Tennis Committee

Summer Membership: Summer membership has begun.

Court Conditions: Rained out. Closed. Gonzo.

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Joe DeBassio, Webmaster.

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