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Friday, July 7

Youth Round Robin: The club is hosting a youth round robin on Saturday, July 8, from 11:00 to 2:00.

Arranged Pairs/Mixed Doubles Tournament: This tournament is new to the club, a doubles tournament where the teams are arranged by the club pro. The sign-up sheet is on the porch bulletin board. The semi-finals are scheduled for July 22 and the finals for July 23. Please note that summer members are welcome to enter this tournament.

Wimbledon: For those of us who want it all on line, here's a link to the official Wimbledon site which has scores and more.

Summer Membership: Summer membership has begun. Summer members should try to come to round robins, Sunday pick-up doubles, and parties like the one that the club hosts on the 4th of July. The club is quite sociable, especially at the tennis parties. We would like to remind summer members that you are invited to participate in the Arranged Pairs Mixed Doubles Tournament.

A Note from the President: "We are pleased to announce that Maureen Ahern has agreed to serve out the term of governor vacated by Barbara Baker. We thank Barbara for her thoughtful time with us and welcome Maureen's past experience as CTC secretary and current role on the community outreach committee.

Note: normally board members are elected by the membership, however, the by-laws empower the board to fill vacancies such as this for the remainder of the absent member's term."

    -Susan Miller-Havens, President

Women's Singles Tournament: The finals of the women's singles tournament took place at the club last Saturday, and boyohboy, was it some match. Molly Downer played against Sarah Carter. Sarah won in three tough sets: long points, long games, lotsa deuces, lotsa drama. The match lasted three hours. This match was one of the most intense in the club's recent history, and a great display of competitiveness, athleticism, and heart. Congratulations to Molly Downer who played wonderfully, and to Sarah Carter, the club's singles champ.

Molly Downer Sarah Carter

(If you'd like to see how Molly and Sarah made their way to the finals, here's a link to the Women's Singles draw.)

Other Tournaments:

Mixed Doubles: The finals of the mixed doubles tournament were held two weeks ago. Molly Downer and Alex Moot played against Michelle Schaffer and David Hemenway.

Molly and Alex won and are the new champions of the club. Congratulations to Molly and Alex who prevailed in a tough field.

If you'd like to see how Molly and Alex made their way to the finals, Here's a link to the draw.

Men's Singles: Alexi Joannidis won the Men's Singles title. Here's a link to the Men's Singles draw.

Note on links to the draws: A club member who wishes to remain anonymous put in a lot of work to put the draws in Java, a computer scripting language. There are literally hundreds of lines of code behind what you see as the draw. Thank you, Anonymous.

Note on Contributions: We solicit them. Please pass along anything that you think might be newsworthy to our members.

A Note on the Website: Take a look at the site's Reservation Requests page: it's been streamlined a bit.

Court Conditions: Hard and fast, but a bit dry! (Next week maybe we'll add some calcium chloride.)

Click for Boston Weather

Joe DeBassio, Webmaster.

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