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Friday, July 21

Round Robin: The next round robin is scheduled for Thursday, July 27.

The guardian garden lion

Ratings: Did you miss being rated? Here's a link to our FAQ on how tennis ratings work, and another link explaining the different levels, for those of us who don't know what a 3.5 player is.

Waiting for the serve

The Serve

Arranged Pairs/Mixed Doubles Tournament: Here's a link to the draw. (The draw itself was done in Java by our mysterious, anonymous friend. Thanks again, Anon.) The semi-finals of the tournament are scheduled for tomorrow and the finals for Sunday.

Mid-Summer Reminders from the Board of Governors:

     1) "We ask that cell phones not be brought on to the deck or the courts;

     2) Children under 14 are to be accompanied by an adult or older companion except during the time a child is playing tennis with the person responsible for him/her or is taking a lesson."

    -The CTC Board of Governors

Note on the website: The Webmaster is on vacation. The newspages are pre-written, an amazing capability unique to the programming behind this site. If you have any urgent issues concerning the website, please contact the site's father, Bob Doyle.


IBM and AOL are warning about an email message with a destructive message named CALIFORNIA. Another lesser problem is WIN A HOLIDAY. Do not open any email with these names.

Court Conditions: Very good.

Click for Boston Weather

Joe DeBassio, Webmaster.

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