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Thursday, July 27

Round Robin: The courts are flooded: there will be no tennis tonight. But the party part of the round robin is on! Food, fun, and frolicking. Please note that if you are signed up for this event, you will be billed for it because the victuals are ordered and paid for in advance. (Victuals?) So, even though we are, dare-we-say-it rained out, the meal will take place and the round robin will become a tennis party without the tennis part: good food (lasagna, if the rumor proves true), pleasant company, loads of ambiance. Come socialize at, say, 6:00. Dinner will be served at, say, 7:00.

Security Alert: A member's purse was stolen at the club on Tuesday morning in spite of the fact that the club was quite busy. We advise caution in leaving valuables lying about. The purse was later found in a dumpster behind Copley Plaza and returned to the owner, minus the money. Be alert: the jungle encroacheth.

Member/Guest Round Robin: The next member/guest round robin is scheduled for Saturday, August 5 from 12:00 to 3:00. The sign-up sheet is on the porch bulletin board and there's still plenty of room.

Arranged Pairs/Mixed Doubles Tournament: The finals of the tournament were held last Sunday. David Haskel and Rosalie Hornblower defeated Kevin McDevitt and Yvonne McQuilken in three fierce sets. David and Rosalie emerged from a tough field as the club champs of this new event. Congratulations.

Here's a link to the draw. (The draw itself was done in Java by our mysterious, anonymous friend. Thanks again, Anon.)

Some flowers in the club's garden.

Platycodon grandiflora (Balloonflower) and below, Astromeria (which is usually only found in vases)

Hybrid daylilies from Lilies of the Field in Truro. The puffs behind them are giant dahlias.

Achillea millefolium (Common Yarrow)

Nota Latinity: The Latin was contributed by a member who is a scholar/gardener. Thanks, Red.

A bee at work on a geranium

Ratings: Did you miss being rated? Here's a link to our FAQ on how tennis ratings work, and another link explaining the different levels, for those of us who don't know what a 3.5 player is.

Court Conditions: Closed. Way under water.

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Joe DeBassio, Webmaster.

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