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Saturday, August 5

Member/Guest Round Robin: The Member/Guest Round Robin scheduled for today has been canceled.

Round Robin: This week's round robin is on Wednesday, August 9. Tennis starts at 6:00. There's still room on the sign-up sheet.

Weather and the Courts: Maybe we don't need to worry. Maybe the rain has all gone a-way. Maybe.

Website Note: The time and temperature icon at the bottom of the page is a link: if you click on it, you will be wafted to a Boston weather site.

Security Alert: A member's purse was stolen at the club on Tuesday morning in spite of the fact that the club was quite busy. We advise caution in leaving valuables lying about. The purse was later found in a dumpster behind Copley Plaza and returned to the owner, minus the money. Be alert: the jungle encroacheth.

Court Conditions: Open. Courts 1,2,3, and 4 are good. Court 5 is open.

Click for Boston Weather

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