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Sunday, August 13

Busyness: August is a slow month at the club. The membership is at the Vineyard, or on an island off the coast of Maine. You can get a court any time. The weekends are especially slow. The pace picks up around Labor Day, and September is our second busiest month. (The busiest is June.)

Round Robin: A long-time club member who has played in many round robins reported that last week's was the best that he had ever played in, the most fun ever. Well, we'll try to equal that ecstatic experience with next week's round robin. We'll be trying on Tuesday, August 15. The night will feature tennis and pizza. Tennis starts at 6:00.

Solicitations: Any suggestions for the newspage? for the website? Send 'em in.

Court Conditions: Delicious now, but lo! there's a mighty dome of clouds over us. If it rains, please call the club for an update on the condition of your court.

The time and temperature icon below is a link to a Boston weather page. Give it a click.

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Website Note: The honey-comb icon is also a link. It takes the clicker to an archive of all the past news pages so's you can catch up on what you missed while you were visiting friends on the Vineyard or frolicking in Oblivia.

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