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Friday, August 18

Website Note: A new version of the program behind the club's website is being deployed. There may be some bugs. (That's tech talk there: deployed, bugs. Bugs are, like, blind alleys, problemmos, glitches, snafus, anomalies.) They're, like, pesky. Please report any that you come across and we will come out and tame them. We should put a bounty on them to help the program's dad locate and debug. (Think of spending your day debugging. And yet, here's a guy who shouts with glee, yup, that's a corker there, that's a good one, all right. I'll get after it.)

Round Robin: The next round robin is scheduled for Thursday, August 24. Tennis starts at 6:00.

Busyness: August is a slow month at the club. The membership is at the Vineyard, or on an island off the coast of Maine. You can get a court any time. The weekends are especially slow. The pace picks up around Labor Day, and September is our second busiest month. (The busiest is June.)

Solicitations: Any suggestions for the newspage? for the website?

We've been running the above solicitation for a while and we've been getting some responses. One member swore.

Another member, who goes by the handle ctc_richard, sent us an address of what looks to be a big, comely tennis site that you might take a look at. Tennis Server has a column by Ron Waite called Turbo Tennis. Click on Waite's 'Current Column' and if you like what you see, click on the 'Turbo Tennis Archive' on the left-hand column.

Another member sent us a quotation from Yogi Berra. Yogi was talking about baseball players, but we are told that the quote also applies to tennis players: "You can't think and hit at the same time."

Court Conditions: Courts 1,2,3, and 4 are radiantly open. Court 5 is open.

Click for Boston Weather

Joe DeBassio Webmaster.

Website Note: The honey-comb icon is also a link. It takes the clicker to an archive of all the past news pages so's you can catch up on what you missed while you were visiting friends on the Vineyard or frolicking in Oblivia.

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