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Friday, September 22

Men's and Women's Senior Tournaments: There are now Men's and Women's Senior Tournaments being planned for players 55 years old or older. The semi-finals of the tournaments are scheduled for Saturday, September 30, and the finals for Sunday, October 1. The sign-up sheets are on the porch bulletin board.

The Bathrooms: Well, the bathroom project has been going on for a while. But light fixtures have been selected and ordered and delivered. Last week they were installed. So now the rest of the project can go forward. The plan is that the bathrooms will be re-done from top to bottom, walls, floors, fixtures, lights, ceilings. Everything. The lights had to be installed first though, and that took a while.

Want to be invisible? Check out the new Members section of the CTC website. All information on members is invisible EVEN WITH A PASSWORD. But, if you want club members to be able to find your telephone number or, dare we say it, your email address, you can edit your personal information, make visible whatever you want by checking a box. What fun! Or keep everything invisible. Give it a look. Check off some things.

Sad News: A long-time CTC member, James Ames, died earlier in the month at age 89. He was a founding member of the CTC and so held a Life Membership. A memorial service will be held on October 13 in Memorial Church in Cambridge. Condolences to his wife, Susannah, and his family.

Longwood: Some of our members are also members of the Longwood Cricket Club. They told us that Longwood has a website, so we took a look. If you want to compare and contrast websites, click on Longwood.

Here's a link to a big tennis site that you might take a look at. Tennis Server has a column by Ron Waite called Turbo Tennis. Click on Waite's 'Current Column' and if you like what you see, click on the 'Turbo Tennis Archive' on the left-hand column.

More McEnroe: Last week we ran a synopsis of a New Yorker Profile of John McEnroe. (The synopsis of the synopsis is that John has mellowed a bit; and is now very involved with his 6 kids; lives and breathes tennis; but is still 'outspoken.') Yesterday's Boston Globe quoted a Sunday Telegraph (of Britain) article written by John, the "mellowed bad boy," accusing the Williams sisters of a lack of humility and lack of respect.

"What they have achieved is great, but they have no respect of anyone in the game." McEnroe objected to some comments by Serena and accused Venus of lack of humility at Wimbledon. "Enough is enough," he wrote. "Would it kill them to say hello to people in the locker room?"

We remember John's opponents standing there on the other side of the court, waiting for his tantrums to end. Just standing there.

Court Conditions: Courts 1,2,3, and 4 are very good. Court 5 is okay.

The time and temperature icon is a link to a Boston weather site. Give it a click.

Click for Boston Weather

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