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Friday, September 29

The Weather: So, ya, it's a little bit nippy. The courts are very lightly subscribed. Wear sweats and play a lot. You don't want to go indoors yet. Not yet.

Interactive, you say? The CTC website is inter-active, you know: you can roam around in it, click on links, email the Authorities, have adventures. You can go To Frequently Asked Questions and find answers and links to related questions. You can go to Members and Edit Your Personal Information. You can Request a Reservation. You can click on the weather icon and not only get a weather report, but links to weather info on Sardinia and (really, try it) Mars.

Longwood: Some of our members are also members of the Longwood Cricket Club. They told us that Longwood has a website, so we took a look. If you want to compare and contrast websites, click on Longwood.

Court Conditions: Hard and fast.

The time and temperature icon is a link to a Boston weather site. Give it a click.

Click for Boston Weather

Joe DeBassio Webmaster.

Website Note: The honey-comb icon is also a link. It takes the clicker to an archive of all the past news pages so's you can catch up on what you missed. The less-than link (<) next to the honeycomb icon will take you to yesterday's page.

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