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March 30, 2001

Do you want the good news first, or the bad? The major bad news is that Billy Crusco has broken his collar bone in three places, playing hockey, of all things. The good news is that he is out of his brace and out of his sling, and is on the mend. He is even picking up his tools (against doctor's orders).

The other bad news is that the courts are flooded and beyond flooded. (If you've looked over the fence lately, you have reason to despair.) The good news (despair not, oh tennis junkies) is that we are pumping mightily.

The other good news (we like to think) is that there IS news. The Tennis Club News Page is back.

And tennis will be back, too.

Take a look at what was going on at the club at this time last year.

Website note: The website has remained online during the winter hiatus so that members can still use the scads of information in the database. All of the links on the site continue to work. The time and temperature icon on the news page continues to link to a Boston weather site, and the email link to the webmaster continues to waft your words to him.

Court Conditions: We usually open about April 15 or thereabouts. Last year we opened on May 2 because we had such a wet spring. This year....

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Website Note II: The honey-comb icon is also a link. It takes the clicker to an archive of all the past news pages so that you can read the news pages for the whole year. The less-than link (<) next to the honeycomb icon will take you to yesterday's News.

The Yearbook link will take you to the last newspage from 2000. From there you can see the whole of the Persistent Archive of last year's news.

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