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April 11, 2001

When will we be open?

We're having a lot of visitors at the club lately. A recent member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, an august gentleman, came in and surveyed the courts and announced that, in his professional opinion, we "couldn't turn this mess into tennis courts." He opined that there was too much mud, the courts were just too wet, the situation hopeless.

Well, Mr. August, the crew, albeit battered, is soldiering on.

The clay, 16 tons of Har-Tru, was delivered to the club on Monday, April 9. We have had a lot of staff injuries this year, so a fork-lift unloaded the clay. The clay is stacked around the courts on pallets.

The courts are still mushy and water-logged, but the crew is painstakingly scraping the mud off, shoveling it into wheelbarrows and wheeling it up the hill to the dump area. If we get a break in the weather, we hope to put the poles in and start spreading clay on Monday.

We are hoping to open for play on the first weekend in May.

We are scraping and soldiering and hoping.

Billy's hurt, but he can still roll:

Joe Lutoff and Phil Soccorso


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Court Conditions: We usually open about April 15 or thereabouts. Last year we opened on May 2 because we had such a wet spring. This year....

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