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July 1!, 2001



Court conditions: Iffy. Please call the clubhouse for an update.


Fourth of July:

Yup, Independence Day. If you've ever felt independent, longed for independence, or granted independence, then the Fourth is the day for you. Here at the CTC, the Fourth is big: the club celebrates with its annual barbecue, pick-up doubles, all day extravaganza, a libertine orgy of tennis and eating and drinking and socializing. On the Fourth, you can eat all the junk food you want. You're free of constraints. (But, please read David McCullough's biography of John Adams by the Fourth.) The club supplies barbecue basics: burgers and hot dogs in decadent numbers and chips and tonic and beer. There is, as usual, a potluck aspect to the festivities. If your last name begins with the letters A - G, you might bring some desserts, if H - O, some salads, if P - Z, some fruit or fruit juice. (If your initials are D. H., please bring your usual splendid offering in spite of the above suggestions.)



Round Robin: The next round robin, a catered affair, is scheduled for Thursday, July 12.


Help Wanted:

As always, contributions to the news page are quite welcome. We are partial to humor, but we'll consider gripes, wails, rants, and effusions.

Tournaments: Have we forgotten something? The tournaments should be raging now. First round matches were supposed to be played by July 1.

Tournaments: (other) Here's a link to the official Wimbledon site.

And here's a link to an alternative Wimbledon site.

Summer Membership

Summer membership begins on July 1.

Junior Membership begins on July 1.

Busyness: If Summer and Junior Memberships began on July 1, how come the club's busyness dies off drastically after the Fourth? How come?

Reservations Note: While the CTC website has the capacity to handle on-line reservations, the efficacy of deploying the system is still being debated by the tennis club Board. So, if you click on Reservation Requests, you can see the system, but it is not active. Stay posted.

Take a look at what was going on at the club at this time last year. (Hint: there are pictures of last year's tournament winners, looking good.)

The Yearbook link will take you to the last newspage from 2000. From there you can see the whole of the Persistent Archive of last year's news.

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