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August 6, 2001


An old pal:

Steve Counihan, former pro at the CTC, is now teaching tennis at the Braeburn Country Club. We visited Steve a little while ago, and we took in the sights at Braeburn. (That's some parking lot at Braeburn: more Lexi per square inch than anywhere in the world, we thought.) Steve was between lessons and chatted a bit.

     -So, how's life at Braeburn, Stevie?
     -Good, good, no complaints. (He swept his arm, showing off the environs.) -But I miss Cambridge. I miss the Cambridge Tennis Club.

Stevie Braeburn Country Club

Round Robin: The next round robin, a pizza night, is scheduled for Wednesday, August 8. Tennis starts at 6:00.

Weather and tennis: Sunday's Globe tells us that July was the 9th coolest in history, and cooler than June. The amount of tennis played here at the club was up, though, maybe even exceeding June. (We'll check the stats with Lucy.) Weekends in July were busy. Weekends in August should be slow. August should be slow.


Many, many thanks to Kathy Komputerheroine, we have the tournament draws on-line. They are mostly up-to-date. You might help us keep the draws up to date by notifying Kathy of match results. (We won't post scores, just results.)

Thanks to folks who have kindly called or e'd results.

Clinics: Ever try one? Rick's clinics are a smash hit. Lately, he's had a nice mix of beginners and intermediates, members and guests, young and old. The clinics take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 11:30. Give it a try.

Help us if you can, we're feeling dow-ow-own. As always, we welcome contributions to the news.

Reservations Note: While the CTC website has the capacity to handle on-line reservations, the efficacy of deploying the system is still being debated by the tennis club Board. So, if you click on Reservation Requests, you can see the system, but it is not active. (We suspect that the debate is not active, either. If you have any interest in on-line reservations, you might make your views known.)

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