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August 24, 2001


Court Maintenance: And hasn't court 1 been a bit of a mess. Well, it will settle down shortly. (Notice that the other courts are a bit soft? Therein lies the problemmo: we tried to patch when the courts were too soft.) But it will firm up, sometime soon. And it will be level.

Rick Rose needs a break? Not much of a break: he's back; he's teaching. He's a dedicated soul.

Round Robin: The next round robin, a catered affair, is scheduled for Wednesday, September 5. (There was some confusion about the date, but September 5 is indeed the date, and sure enough, it's a Wednesday.) Tennis starts at 6:00.


The defaulting bug is buzzing: don't let him bite you.

Many, many thanks to Kathy Komputerheroine, we have the tournament draws on-line. And the format has been made smaller and a bit easier to read. They are mostly up-to-date. You might help us keep the draws up to date by notifying Kathy of match results. (We won't post scores, just results.)

Thanks to folks who have kindly called or e'd results.

Solicitations: We are receiving a lot of comments lately, some very, how shall we say? off-beat? and they are much appreciated, but we would really appreciate something we could post.

Reservations Note: While the CTC website has the capacity to handle on-line reservations, the efficacy of deploying the system is still being debated by the tennis club Board. So, if you click on Reservation Requests, you can see the system, but it is not active.

Take a look at what was going on at the club at this time last year.

The Yearbook link will take you to the last newspage from 2000. From there you can see the whole of the Persistent Archive of last year's news.

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