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September 14, 2001


A Note:

We are still stunned and at a loss and don't know quite what to say. The Tennis Club newspage is not the forum for a discussion of portentous events. We want to offer support and sympathy to the victims, though. We also want to remark on the role played by the Club recently. On Tuesday, many members came to the Club to get away from their televisions, to get out of the house. The Tennis Club became someplace to go for relief. There was a big crowd here almost all day and into the night. People hit a few balls, chatted on the porch, watched television. Some people just checked in. Some people appeared to be on the verge of tears and came to the club for someone to talk to. There was a real sense of community here.


A Technical Note:

The CTC website and newspage has been off, or on and off, for a while. We offer an apology and an explanation. The explanation seems like fun, even to the folks at the lab who had to figure out a fix.

You may not have known it, but we've been living in the Unix Epoch since Jan. 1, 1970. Now, computer time is measured in milliseconds. The number of milliseconds since the Unix Epoch began is a very, very big number. A little while ago, really a lot of 9's hit the point where they turned into really a lot of 0's. A sort of mini-Y2K. A cyber-hiccup. Computers read 100(0)'s as smaller numbers than 999's. Calendar based programs, like the one behind the CTC website, hiccupped. We lost some news pages, even from the archive. Bob and Derek and Pris and the gang figured it out, though, and now we are back in our right-recorded digital time period in the Epoch.


Round Robin: The next round robin, a pizza night, is scheduled for Thursday, September 20. The last round robin of the year. The sun is setting earlier nowadays, and the back courts become too dark to play after, say, 7:15, so the number of players allowed to sign up for the round robin will be limited to 20. Tennis starts at 6:00.


The tournaments have been a bit competitive this year, haven't they? Rick has given us some stats that might interest our readers. For instance, Molly and Sarah played a match for the women's singles title that lasted for 3 hours and 45 minutes. They played 263 points. (We hope to provide a few more stats in the near future.)

Many, many thanks to Kathy Komputerheroine, we have the tournament draws on-line. The Mixed Doubles Finals are yet to be played. When that match is played, you might help us keep the results up to date by notifying Kathy.

Thanks to folks who have kindly called or e'd results.

Solicitations: We're always glad to hear from our readers.

Reservations Note: While the CTC website has the capacity to handle on-line reservations, the efficacy of deploying the system is still being debated by the tennis club Board. So, if you click on Reservation Requests, you can see the system, but it is not active.

Take a look at what was going on at the club at this time last year.

The Yearbook link will take you to the last newspage from 2000. From there you can see the whole of the Persistent Archive of last year's news.

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