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September 30, 2001


A Note:

Club members are drifting back from vacations in Maine and the Vineyard and Provence and Prague, people whom we haven't seen in a while.
-How are you doing? How was Prague? (or Provence?)
-Well, quite frankly, I'm not doing well: I'm quite disturbed by current events.
'Nuff said.


Sad news:

Arthur H. Brooks, Jr., died on September 12th in his home in Cambridge. He had been associated with the Cambridge Skating Club for most of his life when, in 1954, he assembled a group of Tennis Playing Cantabrigians with the idea, then radical, of turning the skating rink into tennis courts for the summers. Thus was born the Cambridge Tennis Club with a number of Life members paying for the original development of the courts. Arthur was our President for the Club's first three years and a guiding light for many years thereafter. An architect by profession, he loved figure skating, dancing, playing the piano, reading and, of course, tennis. He is survived by a son and a daughter. (When plans for a memorial service are known, we will post them.)

One of Cambridge Tennis Club's most dedicated members, Anne Perkins Dewey, died Tuesday, September 25th after a long battle with cancer. She had been a member of our Club for over a quarter of a century. She loved the dances we used to have and attended the round robins even when she could no longer participate. With her indomitable spirit she continued as a single member even when physically handicapped. Before making her plans to go to Florida, she always called the Club to make certain that she would not miss our annual meeting. In 1996 she was elected Secretary of the Board. Her multifaceted interests included art, dog breeding (she used to breed Irish wolfhounds), and writing (she wrote a book about Robert Goddard). She is survived by two of her three children. We will miss her. (A memorial service is planned for Friday, October 5, at 11:00 at Christ Church in Cambridge.)

Clinics: Rick Rose's doubles clinics are being held now on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Every week. Clinics run from 10:00 to 11:30.

Solicitations: We're always glad to hear from our readers.

Here's a remarkable pencil drawing, a pencil drawing! of El Duque done by Ken Turnbull. We apologize for the loss of detail, Ken, and we thank you for sending it along.



The tournaments have been a bit competitive this year, haven't they? Rick has given us some stats that might interest our readers. For instance, Molly and Sarah played a match for the women's singles title that lasted for 3 hours and 45 minutes. They played 3 sets, 3 tie-breakers. (Molly won.) They played 263 points. Molly won the match with 135 points to Sarah's 128.

Many, many thanks to Kathy Komputerheroine, we have the tournament draws on-line. The Mixed Doubles Finals are re-re-re-re-scheduled elpWednesday, October 10, at 6:00. (What tells us that the club will be rained out that day?) When it is (finally) played, someone might help us keep the results up to date by notifying Kathy.

Thanks to folks who have kindly called or e'd results.

Reservations Note: While the CTC website has the capacity to handle on-line reservations, the efficacy of deploying the system is still being debated by the tennis club Board. So, if you click on Reservation Requests, you can see the system, but it is not active.

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