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Wednesday, April 3


When will we open?

When? It all depends on the weather. The crew is plugging a-way, but we won't make it for the middle of April. We've had too much rain (during this particular part of the famous drought). The clay can't be spread yet because the ground is too wet: the clay soaks up water and clumps up. Clay just can't be worked when the ground is soggy.

(Longwood opens on the middle weekend in April. We hate to be beaten by Longwood.)

From the EMail bag

We get e's. Yup, we do. We're offering a few samples here (with the permission of their authors, of course):

-It seems that we don't really have any news, and yet we have a newspage.

-It's good to see the newspage back in business, though I have to confess that I check it mostly for the weather.

-You used to be funny. Not last year, but the year before you were really pretty clever. You made me laugh.

-Pretty colors, lately.

-When are the courts going to open?

-Who does all the typing?

The newsroom staff is sustained and inspired by our readers. We thank you for your attention.

Here's a link to the espn site, with pro rankings.

And here's a link to theNasdaq-100 Tennis Tournament.

Take a look

image of eyes, looking

at what was going on at the club on this date last year.

Reservations Note: A head-scratcher, no?



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