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Saturday, July 13, 2002


Want some lemonade?

Or, Hydration, the Importance of

Folks come in to hit a few balls, give a little (or sometimes major) disquistion on how important it is to hydrate, especially in this heat. And what are they faced with? The club lemonade, that's what.

-You know, you're serving lemonade and the cooler clearly says "Gatorade." That is false advertising. It could be actionable. Ha, ha. Sure hits the spot.
-I only drink the water.
-A topping beverage, the lemonade. Just topping.
-It's too weak.
-It's too strong. I always add water.
-It's too watery.
-I love your Gatorade. What flavor is it, anyway?
-Do you guys ever wash out that urn?
-You're washing out the urn? There isn't any made? Could you just give me a scoop of the concentrate in my tennis ball can? I'll mix it up myself?
-My game is really off. I just come here for the lemonade.
-Why is it pink? Are we to suppose that it comes from pink lemons?
-Just topping.


The next Round Robin, another catered affair, takes place on Tuesday, July 23. It is already almost fully subscribed. (The sign-up sheet is on the porch bulletin board.)



The tournament draw has been posted on the special Club Tournament bulletin board inside the clubhouse. We have links to a site with the draws posted and kept current. (Draw sheet formats are beyond the capability of HTML and have been done in java on a site maintained by a Friend-of-the-Club.) The results are pretty much up-to-date.

Note The Finals have been re-scheduled to Saturday, September 14, and Sunday, September 15.

And also Note that you can help the website worker-bees a lot, by emailing results to Our Friend. We post results, not scores.

Also note: Please play some matches.

Last year the tournaments shall we say it? interesting? So, since our Friend-of-the-Club is willing to help (she does more than help: she does all the heavy lifting. Java! indeed), we're going to list the draws and outcomes of last year's tournaments. Folks who follow the tournaments online might figure out who our Friend is and tell her thanks when you see her. We sure thank her.

Rick Rose's Doubles Clinics have switched from Mondays and Wednesdays, and are now running on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

He's accepting feedback.

The clinics run from 10:00 to 11:30 and cost $14.00. And they are very popular. Check them out.


Here's a link to the espn site, with pro ranking.

Take a look

at what was going on at the club on this date last year.

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The Governors and Committees page, the Activities page (round robins, tournaments, etc), and the Rules page have all been updated. We thank the folks who have kindly done some on-line proofreading. And we solicit any additional proofreading. Or comments. Or essays, rhapsodies, haiku, bulletins, rants, objections. Or praise. Especially items that we might actually put up on the page. Anonymity is assured.



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