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Thursday, August 29, 2002


Hard to believe that the club will be hopping next week, isn't it?


The club's pro, Rick Rose, never cancels lessons because of the weather. Too cold? Pshaw. Too hot? Pah. He's out there, teaching. But last week, a lot of his clients cancelled on him.

-Come on, Rick, it's a hundred and two degrees. I just can't do it.

Rick had a bunch of cancellations, blocks of them. So he took off for a few days, went to watch some tennis.

Rick and his tennis gang left on Thursday for the quarter finals of the Pilot Pen Tournament, in New Haven, where they watched Venus Williams, and Davenport, and Mauresmo Hantuchova.

Late that night, the gang trucked down to N.Y.C. to the U.S. Open for the Qualifiers. The gang watched some practice hitting: Sampras, Agassi, James Blake, Kafelnikov, Henman, Rusedsky, Tom Enqvist, and Sebastien Grojean.

On Saturday, the gang kept on trucking, this time to Long Island for the semi-finals of the Hamlet Cup where they watched Alex Corretja and Jean Ignacio Chela.

But Rick is back now, teaching. You can find him over on Court 2.

Or, sometimes, on Court 3. (His clients like to stay in the shade during lessons.)


The Labor Day Tennis Jamboree

On Monday, September 2, The club will host a GIANT Labor Day party, a potluck, a picnic, a barbecue, a round robin. All rolled into one. The club will supply the basics: burgers, dogs (gotta have those dogs), beer! and soda.
All day, all court pick-up doubles!
If you bring a guest, please pay a prime time guest fee.
If you want to help round out the menu (there is a pot-luck part to the party), please bring (according to the first initial of your last name):
  • A through G: salad
  • H through O: fruit
  • P through Z: dessert

A reader responded to our announcement, by email. With his kind permission, we'll pass along his comments:

"In place of, or in addition to beer. Woodchuck Cider is made in New England from locally grown apples and is delicious, and no more inebriating than beer.
Let us not send our money to Gussie Busch , or even Sam Adams. Cider is historic, folkloric and indubitably authentic.
Our holiday cook-outs would be better received, and attended, if the members knew that Woodchuck Amber were on tap, or at least plentifully bottled.
For the younger set, non-alcoholic cider would be preferable to soda pop - and think of the plaudits you would get from the Granola crowd."

"Confidentiality Statement:
This message is transmitted to you by a law firm. This message is intended for the designated recipient(s) only. This message may be confidential and legally privileged, along with any document, files, or previous e-mail messages that are attached. If you are not a designated recipient of this message, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying or use of the information in this message is prohibited. If you believe this message has been sent to you by error, please destroy it, and please notify the sender by a reply e-mail or by calling...."

(Now, according to our mandate, we must say that the Cambridge Tennis Club, the website staff, and the newsroom staff do not endorse said cider.)


The next round robin, a catered affair, is scheduled for September 5, a Thursday.




The tournament draw has been posted on the special Club Tournament bulletin board inside the clubhouse. We have links to a site with the draws posted and kept current. (Draw sheet formats are beyond the capability of HTML and have been done in java on a site maintained by a Friend-of-the-Club.) The results are pretty much up-to-date, as of 8-30-02.

Note The Finals have been re-scheduled to Saturday, September 14, and Sunday, September 15.

And also Note that you can help us by emailing results to Our Friend. We post results, not scores.

Beyond also note: Please play some matches.

Beyond beyond: The defaulting bird hovers, looking to swoop. Don't let her swoop on you.

Last year the tournaments shall we say it? interesting? So, since our Friend-of-the-Club is willing to help (she does more than help: she does all the heavy lifting. Java! indeed), we're going to list the draws and outcomes of last year's tournaments. Folks who follow the tournaments online might figure out who our Friend is and tell her thanks when you see her. We sure thank her.

Rick Rose's Doubles Clinics are now running on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The clinics run from 10:00 to 11:30 and cost $14.00. And they are very popular. Check them out.


Here's a link to the official U.S.Open site.

Here's a link to the espn site, with pro ranking.

Take a look

at what was going on at the club on this date last year. (The Lucy page.)

Website Update: Events, Members, and Reservation Requests are not active parts of the site nowadays. Timelines is not for civilians.

The Governors and committees page, the Activities page (round robins, tournaments, etc), and the Rules page have all been updated. We thank the folks who have kindly done some on-line proofreading. And we solicit any additional proofreading. Or comments. Or essays, rhapsodies, haiku, bulletins, rants, objections. Or praise. Especially items that we might actually put up on the page. Anonymity is assured.



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