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Sunday, May 11, 2003



Will the courts ever open?
The guys are trying, really trying, and oooooh, we're so close. The new clay is firming up. It was good enough yesterday for the crew to put in lines, (not anyone's favorite way to spend a Saturday) but not firm enough to play on. We hoped to open the back courts today, but we just can't do it.

Well, when?
Soon. We're so close we can taste it. (We'll try to alert our readers by updating the newspage when we know when the courts will open.)



We can't play at the club, but we can visit virtually. Here's some pictures of last week's work:

Note Billy standing on the bike rack, afixing a guy wire.

The last of the curtains went up on Friday.

The lines are in on Court 4, partially on Court 3

Tom stretches a line on Court 3

Rick Rose's brother, Irons, worked with the crew.



The CTC book is hot off the presses and copies should be in the mail soon.

The information in the book may also be found here on the website. The information is current. The 'Activities' page (round robins, tournaments, etc) has been updated, i.e., the schedule of events for 2003 can be found on the website. Also, the waiting list for membership, as well as a list of new members has been updated. That information can be found through the 'FAQ' page. The 'Governors and Committees' page, and the 'Rules' page have also been updated.

'Members', and' Reservation Requests' are not active parts of the site nowadays. 'Timelines' is for adepts.

We thank our on-line proofreaders and contributors to the effort to update the website, most especially Lucy Fowler whose help is, as always, much appreciated.



Take a look

at what was happening at the club at this time last year. (We were open.)





Here's the saga of last year's tournaments:



Here's a link to the espn site, with pro ranking.



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