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Monday, June 9, 2003




The draws for the tournaments will be made up soon. The sign-up sheets will come down even sooner. Please sign up now, or forever hold your peace.



We've been trying to ignore the rain and carry on as if it were some kind of interlude in the beginning of a long season. Some interlude. Well, we give up. We'll confront it. With words:

First, the Bard:

The sea, all water, yet receives rain still,
And in abundance addeth to his store;
     Sonnet 135.

and Coleridge:

....the coming-on of rain and squally blast

and a CTC member:

I read that we've had only 5 out of the last 23 weekends without rain.

and another CTC member:

At least it isn't locusts: I hear locusts can really ruin a season for you.

and a corker:

Mosquitoes. It's going to be a big, BIG summer for mosquitoes, all that rain.

and another:

My dictionary defines a 'lyric' as:
  1. (of a poem) having the form and general effect of a song, esp. one expressing the poet's feelings;
  2. pertaining to the writing of such poems;
  3. expressing or characterized by strong, spontaneous feeling.

So I wrote a lyric about the rain. Here we go:
Please stop, oh Rain. Please.

and yet another CTC member:

I propose that the Board of Governers write an immediate letter to the authorities calling attention to the amount of rain we have had, highlighting the distress and rage members have experienced, and demanding that the rain be stopped. Moreover, the minds of some members, the Board should also stress, are becoming unsettled in the present circumstances and who wants that given how eccentric many of us are already?

Phew. And, another voice heard, opposed to the above:

For, lo! the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.
      ATTRIBUTION: The Song of Solomon ii. 11, 12.

We'll see, Sol.


The dreaded red locust


The next round robin is scheduled for this Thursday, June 26. The meal will be pizza. Tennis starts at 6:00. There will be no rain.


Club member, Charles Ansbacher will lead his Landmarks Ochestra in a series of free concerts again this year. Check out the website for info and a schedule.


Rick Rose's Doubles Clinics are up and running. They have been scheduled, between drops and torrents and cataracts, for Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Check them out.



Take a look

at what was happening at the club at this time last year.





Here's the saga of last year's tournaments:



Here's a link to the espn site, with pro ranking.

And here's a link to the official French Open site. (Bud Collins referred to the two women finalists as "Brussel sprouts." Really. He did.)


The CTC book is hot off the presses and all members should have a copy by now.

The information in the book may also be found here on the website. The information is current. The 'Activities' page (round robins, tournaments, etc) has been updated, i.e., the schedule of events for 2003 can be found on the website. Also, the waiting list for membership, as well as a list of new members has been updated. That information can be found through the 'FAQ' page. The 'Governors and Committees' page, and the 'Rules' page have been updated.

'Members', and' Reservation Requests' are not active parts of the site nowadays. 'Timelines' is for adepts.

We thank our on-line proofreaders and contributors to the effort to update the website, most especially Lucy Fowler whose help is, as always, much appreciated.


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