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Monday, August 4, 2003





We have an unusual pattern developing here at the CTC in this blighted season: in late July and very early August, the courts are absolutely packed during the week, and we mean packedpackedpacked: all 5 courts from 7:00 a.m. to the end of the evening with barely a break. And the weekends are dead. (F'r'instance, on Saturday, out of a possible 40 court hours there were only 2 hours booked.) We are appalled, wicked appalled.

What, we ask ourselves,is going on here? Club members going away for the weekend?

And we have people reporting in after playing at other clubs. The report is that our courts are just the best around. 'We never realized how good we have it until we played on other clay courts.' We like hearing that.

And people tell us how superior our courts are to those of the Vineyard. The Vineyard. We love hearing that one.



Last week we suggested a separate 'jokes' page that might be linked to from the newspage (due to we receive so many jokes from our readers.
Well, did we get some responses. The jokes were just sooooo outre that we wouldn't even....We gave up on that idea right quickly.

But here's a response that bears publishing:

"a no win proposition if ever I heard one. you will be accused of censorship, or being too louche, of having no taste, low tastes, and horrible lapses of judgment. you will win no points for the good jokes and are sure to offend someone with every joke. it will create a cause celebre and end up a column in the Globe. even if you were to print the name of the 'contributor' beneath every joke, you would still be pilloried for publishing it. Calumny, obloquoy and slander would fill your cup to the overflowing."
Confidentiality Statement

This Message is transmitted to you by ... The substance of this message, along with any attachments, may be confidential and legally privileged. If you are not the designated recipient, please destroy it and notify the sender of the error by return e-mail or by calling....

If you all would be so kind as to print this newspage, then chew and swallow it, we would be Yours Truly....

But a corker, no?


The tournaments! We must pass along the rueful news that some of the tournament matches have not been played in a timely manner. Individuals and teams will be defaulted.



We have the tournament draws up and running, thanks to our Anonymous Friend, the Java Kid. We think that they are up to date as of today. (We urge tournament players, interested members, pals, and complicit bystanders to email tournament results to Java so that she can keep the draw up-to-date. So that the fans can follow the tournament progress on-line. (Also, we want to thank those of you who have emailed in results.)

Please note that we post tournament results, but not scores.

The draws for the tournaments are also posted on the Special Tournament Bulletin Board inside the clubhouse.

Okay, here we go:




And here's the saga of last year's tournaments (so's we can compare and contrast):


And the saga of the year before (we're mighty fancy here, and mighty grateful to the Java Kid for doing all this work):




Club member, Charles Ansbacher will lead his Landmarks Ochestra in a series of free concerts again this year. Check out the website for info and a schedule.



Rick Rose's Doubles Clinics are up and running. They have been scheduled (between drops and torrents and cataracts, and sulphourous steam arising from the...)for Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Check them out.



Take a look

at what was happening at the club at this time last year.



Here's a link to the espn site, with pro ranking.

And a club member (let's call him Sol) suggests a link to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, R.I. The site is rich.


The CTC book is hot off the presses and all members should have a copy by now.

The information in the book may also be found here on the website. The information is current. The 'Activities' page (round robins, tournaments, etc) has been updated, i.e., the schedule of events for 2003 can be found on the website. Also, the waiting list for membership, as well as a list of new members has been updated. That information can be found through the 'FAQ' page. The 'Governors and Committees' page, and the 'Rules' page have been updated.

'Members', and' Reservation Requests' are not active parts of the site nowadays. 'Timelines' is for adepts.

We thank our on-line proofreaders and contributors to the effort to update the website, most especially Lucy Fowler whose help is, as always, much appreciated.


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