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Thursday, May 13, 2004


All of the courts are open for play. (That was some heave, brothers and sisters.)

Rain on Sunday, too wet on Monday, but on Tuesday the lines went in on courts 1 and 2.



We've been so caught up in the struggle to open the courts, we've neglected to mention the New Members' Party which took place way back on May 2. We have some group pictures:

(Photos by Peter)



We heard from a member who played early on Saturday, a member who goes by the handle, Ishmael:

...rather hard to make out his identity, but the fellow in the near court in your photo appears to have excellent form.

On Saturday, the area behind the far baseline on court 4 was a little soft. In general, I concur with your judgment, the courts need more sun and less rain.

Nonetheless, on a calm, sunny morning, we quickly were driven to slip off our sweats and readily worked up a few beads of perspiration. The pleasure of playing under a high sky was magnified by the contrast with our usual winter enclosure. The natural decibel level of the racquet encountering the ball was restorative after the abnormally loud indoor sound.

Perhaps most notable was the aesthetic reward of playing against a background of flowering dogwoods and fruit trees, the greening willow and the surrounding deciduous ornaments behind the back courts. To play tennis in a park, in a garden - it rejoices the senses.


The photo:




Take a look

at what was happening at this time last year.



We are leaving the tournament draws up. And again we'll offer our thanks to our Anonymous Friend, the Java Kid, for posting them and keeping them up to date.




And here's the saga of last year's tournaments (so's we can compare and contrast):


And the saga of the year before (we're mighty fancy here, and mighty grateful to the Java Kid for doing all this work):




Here's a link to the espn site, with pro ranking.

And a club member (let's call him Sol) suggests a link to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, R.I. The site is rich.


As noted, the CTC book for 2004 is available. Much of the information in the book may now be found here on the website. The information is current. The waiting list for membership, as well as a list of new members is up to date. That information can be found through the 'FAQ' page. The Activites Page (round robins, tournaments, etc) is also up to date.

'Members', and' Reservation Requests' are not active parts of the site nowadays. 'Timelines' is for adepts.


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