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Friday, July 1, 2005



Summer Membership starts today. Welcome, summer members. We urge you to start the season by attending:

Our 4th of July Extravaganza, which will be held on Monday, the 4th (duh) and feature all-day pick-up doubles, a barbecue, a socializing rodeo, and a pot-luck.
To be part of the pot-luck, we ask you to bring, according to the first initial of your last name:
  • A-G: salad;
  • H-O: fruit;
  • O-Z: dessert.
Entertainment will be provided by the Primo Scala Accordion Band.



Lenny lends a hand: he filled the gas tank for the grill. When you're eating your burger on Monday, thank Lenny.

...Maggie will be here.



And the Story of the Missing Schedule Sheet? On Thursday evening, two members sat on the porch after playing, and looked at the schedule for Friday, hemming and, we guess, hawing. Tom was on duty and remarked that he was afraid that they would re-assemble the schedule out of order. The members returned the schedule on the clipboard and left. One of them walked off "with a bunch of papers under his arm." One of the papers was, apparently, the Friday schedule.

The member was called and called. He's in Western Mass. for the weekend, we were told. With the schedule.

So, folks who called on Friday to ask whether or not there was a court later in the day were told: we don't know; come on down and see.


We need racquets for the Cambridge Recreation Department's Youth Program. The kids will be using our courts at noontimes during the week. If you have a racquet that you could donate, the donation would be much appreciated.



And we have some correspondence that we just have to pass along:

A Call to Scientists

I think about heat and humidity a lot. I know all about the Doppler Effect (originally discovered by the Austrian mathematician and physicist, Christian Doppler (1803-53), the Doppler Effect is the change in pitch which results from a shift in the frequency of the sound waves) and also how humidity changes our perception of light. (Isn't that outrageous? Both sound and light?)
and so on.

Humidity also makes me sweaty and putrid and TICKED OFF.

It seems to me that it is long overdue for scientists to figure out how to capture and store the excess cold air of winter, and use it to cool me down in the summer. I also request, no, demand, that these scientists capture the excess heat and humidity to warm and humidify me in the winter. Or just hurl it the **** out of here.

-Nature Girl



Though we've been closed a bit lately, whenever we're open, Rick Rose has been mighty busy. His doubles strategy clinics (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 to 11:30) have been howling successes. The kids clinics on Sunday afternoons have also been busy.


The next round robin will take place on Thursday, July 7. Tennis starts at 6:00 p.m. The meal will be catered.



The Women's Doubles Tournament is cancelled due to lack of interest. Any comments?



The club book, right now, should be right by your hand. The website also has up-to-date info. The Rules section, the Governors and Committees and Activities (tournaments, round robins, etc) sections are current for 2005. Also, the Waiting List (which is not featured in the book) is current and ordered on the website. (The Waiting List and the list of New Members can be accessed through the FAQ page.) We thank the committee heads for making the information available in such a timely fashion and we urge all public spirited readers to proof-read.

'Members', and' Reservation Requests' are not active parts of the site nowadays. 'Timelines' is for adepts.



Take a look

at what was happening at this time last year.



We'll keep the tournament draws available on-line (including all of the results), thanks to the Java Kid:



And the previous tournaments:




And here's the saga of 2002's tournaments (so's we can compare and contrast):


And the saga of the year before (we're mighty fancy here, and mighty grateful to the Java Kid for doing all this work):




Some useful links:

Wimbledon (Rick Rose is picking Federer and Sharipova.)

Here's a link to the espn site, with pro ranking.

And a club member (let's call him Sol) suggests a link to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, R.I. The site is rich.



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