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Sunday, July 6, 2008


"But of all, the burst
And the ear-deafening voice o' the oracle,
Kin to Jove's thunder, so surprised my sense.
That I was nothing."

The Winter's Tale
Act 3, Scene 1

"Micro-bursts? Shouldn't we say mega-bursts or mondo-bursts or guapo-bursts?

-A Player

"You guys spend so much time working on court 5, and then, kaboom, it rains again, right on that wet corner. Court 5 is the Court of Sisyphus."

-Nature Girl

"Micro-bursts? Noah would be aghast."

-Craig Lambert


We had micro-bursts on the Third of July and on, oh darn, the morning of the Fourth. The courts were puddled up and, in spite of offers to play around the puddles, closed. All morning. People came to the club and hung out and ate and chatted and went home to watch Wimbledon. Then the sun shone down on us and the courts dried out and we played. And we hung out and ate and chatted and watched Wimbledon. These CTC parties have a way of righting themselves and turning into, well, parties, no matter the what.

(How good was the party? Well, there were club members maybe on the lip of a volcano, at dawn, on, say, some Hawaiian island, or playing at Longwood who no doubt regretted missing the Fourth of July party at the club.)

Here's some pics (thanks to Richard Homonoff):

Joe and Molly

Phil presided.

Leslie, Phyllis and Marty

Gil and Holly

And John Boyd was there.


The next Round Robin is scheduled for Thursday, July 10. The meal will be catered, play will be steady and strong, spirits will be high. Tennis starts at 6:00.


And you all received the email from Johanne about current programs at the club. Let's post it for quick reference:

There are a few changes in the schedule for July. We are postponing the *Mix and Match* for a while. We can no longer have Mix and Match on Mondays, noon to 2:00 p.m., because the courts are being used for the Community Outreach program for Cambridge Kids. The program is wonderful. It gives the kids the opportunity to learn the basics of tennis and to develop their interest in the game. The kids will be at the club every day from noon to 2 p.m. for the following 6 weeks (until mid-august). Thanks to all members for sponsoring this program. I will keep you posted on when the Mix and Match will resume.

On the other hand, *Monday night Men's Doubles and Tuesday night Women's Doubles* have been very well attended. Those two nights offer great opportunities to play some serious fun tennis. You may join in on a weekly basis at the cost of $8/week. The courts are reserved, we have a line-up ready and we provide new balls. To participate, just call or e-mail Johanne at : (617) 710-9465 / by Thursday of the previous week if you would like to play the next Monday or Tuesday.

Just letting you know there is a limited budget for the *free half hour lesson*. Only 200 free half hour lesson left. Don't hesitate to book one now.

We are still offering *group lessons* as follow: *Tuesday 10 a.m.-noon*: Low intermediate players. Focus on doubles positioning and shot selection. Pro, Johanne
*Wednesday 8-9 a.m.*: Advanced players. Focus on shot combination and footwork for singles and doubles. Pro, Steve
*Friday 9-11 a.m.* Intermediate players. Focus on doubles strategy. Pro, Johanne
*Sunday 5-6 p.m.* Advanced junior players. Pro, Rick

To participate in group lesson you must sign up 5 days ahead by phone or e-mail with Johanne. *Mark your calendar* for the next Round Robin, Thursday July 10th from 6-8 p.m. You may sign up at the club on the bulletin board or call either the club. This time no false alarm! We are holding our *First Sunday Brunch, July 13th*. You will find the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board at the club. You may also call the club or let me know if you would like to join. Tennis will be from 10:00 a.m. to noon in a Round Robin format followed by a light brunch. The cost will be $15. We will need a minimum of 16 players for the event to take place.



Comic relief is a click a-way: (Thanks, Richard.)

Strange Habits (a NY Times article);


Ball Machine (a Flash movie about how the club can improve its carbon footprint.)

Here's a link to the official Wimbledon site.



The club book should be in your hands by now. Much of the information in the book is updated and available on the website.

Some useful links:

Here's a link to the espn site, with pro ranking.

And a club member (let's call him Sol) suggested a link to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, R.I. The site is rich.

We still have the tournament draws (from 2001 to 2004) available on-line (including all of the results), thanks to the Java Kid. We are re-locating the links, however.



"On the court, tennis players exchange not only ground strokes but lots of information. It's a richly interactive sport, both verbally and non-verbally. If players communicate clearly, simply, and consistently, the game will proceed more quickly, and with less fuss and misunderstanding. Here are a few guidelines that can make the game more fun, friendly, and fair for all...."

We've had some requests to run Craig Lambert's piece, sampled above, on Tennis Communication. (We'd better leave this link up on the newspage permanently.)



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