The junior program is segregated via a very simple system of age and level. Players can be placed into one of three, basic categories of beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If your child is new to the program or if you have any difficulty in choosing the class you feel would be appropriate, please give us a call and we will schedule a free evaluation. Classes contain between 3-5 players (up to six if there is more than one court) and cover all areas of instruction: stroke production, point play, positioning, etc. We strongly suggest registering early in order get the time and day you would like for your child’s class.

If you have concerns about your child being placed with children who are much younger as is sometimes the case in other programs, rest assured that there is generally little variance in age range. If ages of players in the classes vary by more than 18 months but we feel the levels are consistent, then we will check with parents to ensure that both they and their children are aware of this.

If you are looking for a schedule of classes, we will have it posted by April 1st, 2020.


The CTC utilizes the “10 & Under” system of teaching kids that has been adopted by the United States Tennis Association as well as the International Tennis Federation. The system involves using lower compression balls (red, orange and green), a smaller court and smaller racquets. This approach allows younger players to improve much faster and to start playing tennis much sooner than they would with a regular ball (a.k.a. “yellow ball”). Think of it as being similar to T-Ball relative to baseball.


QuickStart (QS) tennis is a fantastic way for your child to get introduced to the game of tennis at a low cost. QS classes can have a higher student/teacher ratio (up to 8:1), but players are taught the basics of the sport and quickly learn to control the ball in a small space. The cost is about 40% less than a typical class, so parents can have their kids give tennis a try without making a large investment. We will even supply the racquet!


Tennis “clinics” are just another word for a tennis class or group lesson and they come in two options: open & closed. 98% of parents elect to enroll their kids in open classes. The size of an open class is 3-5 players. Parents who opt for a closed class do so with a group of friends or siblings, and they do not want additional players added to the group. The rate is higher for closed groups, and details can be viewed by reading the italicized print shown here. If you are looking for the once-per-week, group lesson for your child, then a clinic is the best way to go.



Cardio Tennis classes are a fantastic workout while also being great for your tennis game. Players have an opportunity to hit a large number of shots while keeping their feet moving and burning calories.

Some drills are constructed in point-play fashion while others are rapid ball-feeding. We have designed this class to be customized to your ability and endurance level. If you feel you need more of a challenge or if the intensity is too high, the instructor can vary the difficulty for each person.


Clinics are typically the most popular form of tennis instruction because of the balance between physical activity and cost effectiveness. Adult clinics at the CTC are customized to the needs and level of each person and can be scheduled morning, noon and night. The adult clinics are designed for beginners through advanced players and contain between 3-5 players (up to six if there is more than one court).


In this one-hour class, players work strictly on just one shot. The typical rotation is forehands for the first class, backhands for the second, volleys third, overheads and lastly, serves.

Stroke of the week is ideal for the player who is struggling with a specific shot and needs to review and solidify the fundamentals. It is also for the player who is looking for a lot of repetition, but does not have the time during the week to drill the stroke.

Being able to hit the ball to specific areas of the court at specific times is crucial to winning points, games, sets and matches. Tactical Targeting works on your ability to hit your target while placing emphasis on tactical significance in a variety of situations. Repetition and visual aids are the key components of this program so that players will learn to identify parts of the court to attack. There is even a new can of balls used as a target at every class; hit it and you keep it!

Repetition is the mother of skill, so you can expect to be see lots of balls during this program.


Similar to stroke of the week, Technique of the Week is designed to focus on a singular aspect of the game.

In this more advanced offering, players learn how to execute and improve their usage of topspin, approach shots, drop shots & angle vollies, service placement and lob coverage.

Though targeted to the player looking for the competitive edge, this program will be an asset to anyone who is at a 3.0 level or higher.

CTC Pros

Rick Rose

Rick has been teaching at Cambridge Tennis Club for over 25 years. He runs adult, junior and pee wee group clinics as well as private and semi-private lessons.

Rick has headed the City of Cambridge Recreation Department Tennis League every summer for some 25 years. He got to see one of his students advance to playing #1 Singles and #1 Doubles in a Division I college this year. Rick started coaching this student at age 4 through the Cambridge Recreation League and continued coaching him as a CTC Junior member.

In the off-season Rick plays senior doubles in the Palm Beach County Grand Slam Tennis League. He and his team won the Premier Division in 2014!

Rick's cellphone: 617-642-3448

Email: Rick Rose

Doug Eng

Doug has taught tennis for over 30 years and coached college tennis for more than 20 years. He is a PTR International Master Professional and a USPTA Master Professional, one of 11 worldwide to hold both honors. Doug is a PTR Master of Tennis Performance and a USTA High Performance Coach having worked with over 300 ranked players, has coached several All-Americans, an NCAA Singles Championship, a 2-time national high school finalist, and the youngest Davis Cup player in history. He was divisional President of both major US teaching organizations: PTR New England, USPTA New England and has also trained or certified over 2,000 coaches for PTR, USPTA, and USTA. Doug was an 8-year member of the USTA National Sport Science Committee and received the Doc Counsilman Award from the US Olympic Committee in 2012. He is an expert on tennis/sport training with a doctorate in sport psychology/pedagogy, CSCS-NSCA, CES-NASM and Master of Tennis Performance (MTPS from the International Tennis Performance Association) with over 100 published articles.

Doug also teaches tennis at MIT and BAC in the indoor season. He teaches sport management and sport psychology at Lesley University. Besides tennis, he has coached squash for 20 years, is a PADI scuba divemaster loves movies and spicy foods.

Doug can be reached for lessons at: 617-281-8368

Email: Doug Eng

Frank Butera

Email: Frank Butera

cell 617-281-8368


Email: Marcus Lewis

cell 978-534-2366




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